Blogging Tips

Effective Ineffective
Pictures – Visual Posts that are too long
A lot of information broken up into small bites Disorganized content
Easy to navigate Busy pages – too much going on
Good color scheme A lot of ads that don’t fit the topic of the blog
Visually fun to look at Distracting font (serif)
Uncluttered – lots of white space!
Organized with subcategories: Drop-down tabs – drill down
Short pieces of text
Simple font (arial, verdana, tahoma, calibri, century gothic, etc. fonts should be sans-serif!!)
Lots of white space

                        Tips for Writing Comments

  • All comments should use constructive criticism and feedback
  • Do not use “texting” language
  • Make language semi-professional (remember your audience)
  • To continue the conversation and engage readers and bloggers;
    • Ask a question in your comment
    • Link to interesting sites you have found that relate to the conversation
    • Refer back to the post you are commenting on


Use GREENR to locate information on your research topic. If you are accessing GREENR from home please go through the Library page on Canvas where you will find the username and password for this database.


In Google Images, first run a search, and then be sure to click on the gear in the top right corner and choose Advanced Search. Scroll to the bottom of the page and where it says “Usage Rights” drop down the menu and choose “free to use or share”.

Wikimedia Commons allows you to search for photographs that are copyright free. To the right of each image are some icons and you should choose the globe that says “Use this file on the Web”. A pop-up window will open giving you the information you will need to give attribution credit.


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