In the Long Run…

During This project I never thought that I was going to finish, I have never taken an art class for an extra curricular so I thought I would have some difficulties with the art portion of my project then other people would. As I went on with my project and I decided on hot glue I saw that it wouldn’t be as hard as I thought it would, I spent almost 3 days laying out a pattern that I was going to apply on to the wood, but when I started glueing I ditched my old pattern and deiced to do something completely different. I think in my personal opinion that it turned out pretty well. I didn’t think that free styling it would get me very far but within 2 days of glueing my design was done and actually looked better then the patter then I had taken so long to lay out and plan. When it got to the drilling I thought that it would be very easy to drill holes in a stump of wood, but it turns out it is a lot harder then you would think it is.When I started drilling I realized that it required muscle or lack there of…  You have to actually apply pressure into the wood if you want to create a straight hole in the wood, which is what bees need because when they go in their home they go straight down and if there are twist and turns they will just leave, and the whole purpose of this project was to attract the bees. Some of the holes in the stump that I decorated aren’t exactly straight but that is ok because we learn from our mistakes. IMG_2789The stump has 20-30 holes so if a few aren’t suited for bees I think that is ok because the overall project turned out well and I am very proud of my final result in the long run. On the very last day I had Matt (one of my classmates) help me carry out my stump to the garden, we were contemplating where to place it when we finally deiced on the perfect spot next to the worm house, or worm box.. anyways I think we picked a great location because it is both in the sun and shade, and when you walk out to the garden it is the first thing you see, the bright colors pop out at you and the tiles make a statement, I hope that as people walk through our garden they take a second and look at it and appreciate it. I really think that our class (a whole 7 people) really came together to each distribute to the garden and make it a better place, every aspect that each student put forth improved the garden and will keep doing so. I really hope that students in other years coming up will continue to do this final project because it felt really good to do something for the environment I hope it goes to use!

Bio E 2014

Bio E 2014

Photos – Via Ms.Bee


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