Now while my project seemed all fun and games there were sometimes where I wanted to give up wither because I ran out of ideas or time. These are all of the problems that I ran into and how I overcame them. When I first choose Bee boxes I thought that there was only one formation of a bee house and that was just a box where bee’s lives. On the very first day of our projects I began researching “how to make bee houses”, a whole bunch of different kinds of bee houses popped up, everything from hollow bamboo houses to tree stump houses. I had run into a problem of not knowing which kind of house to make and which one would best suit our environment. After days of researching that I didn’t think I would have to do I decided on tree stump houses, which is just simply a flat tree stump that is either still in the ground or you go pick up and place it that you drill holes in.IMG_2789 The reason I decided on this form of house is because it seemed to fit all be types since you could put different sizes of holes. After I over came that issue and moved on to the next step of how to “spice up my project” I decided to do a tile mosaic, what could go wrong right? Well the next day I went down to the art teacher to see if they had left over tile that I could use for my mosaic, as he showed me the tile he asked me what I would be putting it on, I answer wood, after a long moment of silence I knew something was wrong. So apparently tile on wood is not good, heres why: Wood expands when it gets wet, and since this stump is going to be placed outside odds are it is going to get wet. A classic tile mosaic is all put together not separate pieces glued on. If all of them to glued together and the wood expanded then the glue would crack and the tiles would fall off, so to prevent that from happening I had to come up with a complete different idea, something very complex, hard to work with… hot glue. The reason I used hot glue was because then I could glue every tile individually about a cementer away from each other so that when the wood expanded it wouldn’t crack.  After I resolved this problem I was ready to drill! Originally I was planning on doing two stumos, one decorated but bother with drilled holes, I saved the drilling for the last day because I assumed it wouldn’t take that long. That is where I went wrong, after almost finished the first stump my drill died and I was not able to complete the second stump. My advice would be to charge your drill ahead of time! But despite all of the difficulties that I ran into I would say I am pretty proud of my finished product.


Photos Via Ms.Beamish


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