Its Easy as 1,2,3…

When we first started our final projects I wanted to make a sign for the DOT Garden that said“Welcome to the Garden”. It was all set in stone.. well almost, I found out later that a sign wouldn’t be “scientific enough”. As I was devastated that I would be able to showcase my artistic ability I decided to create Bee Houses, going in to it thinking that Bees didn’t even sleep wasn’t much help. As I researched more and more about Bee houses I came to find that there were many different ways to build a bee house just as long as you had holes everywhere for them to live. I wanted to be able to decorate my house which is why I decided on a wood stump home for the bee’s in our garden. DSCN0249Thinking I wasn’t going to have enough time to build a bee house really put a damper on things until I learned just house easy these houses really were, that is if you know how to operate a drill. Here is a step-by-step process of how I created my Bee house, since I wanted to still incorporate some art into my project I decided on a tile mosaic, the first thing I did was schedule a meeting with the art teacher, he told me it would be hard to put tile on wood since wood does expand, and if I connected all of the tiles they would crack and fall off when the it happened to rain and the stump got wet. He told me my better option would be glue so I decided on hot glue since it seemed to stick the best, I also placed the tiles about 1 cementer away from each other so that they would have wiggle room when the wood expanded or contracted. The next step would be to drill the holes that the bee’s actually lived in. I went down to the 6-7 science teacher and asked him how far apart, how deep, and how wide the holes should be, considering that he just had a unit in his class on bee houses, I figured he would know. Now keep in mind he does teach 6th graders so the first thing he told me was that “it is so easy, 6th graders can do it”. He told me the holes just need to be far apart enough so that they didn’t meet underneath, and the hole should just be however long the drill bit you were using (mine happened to be 4in). He also said to make some holes small and some bigger since there are different sizes of bees. The next day Ms. Bee and I went to go get a wood stump that was smooth on the sides for the tiles and flat on the top forthe tile, we finally found the perfect one and the next day I started glueing and drilling until I got my final product!yWdonx4AIYngj6jgYRu2SD4KhYYrVKv_S5-pCICEWUI


Mr. Peknik (Science teacher)

Mr. Mullane (Art teacher)


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