GMO’s are genetically modified organisms, and in my opinion sounds pretty scary. I haven’t really heard that much about GMO’s or the way they work, but after I watched this video I was shocked, I never understood how it worked and I guess I just assumed they sprayed a dangerous chemical on them and that is why they are so dangerous. I knew it was a big deal around the world and that people didn’t agree with it but I never knew why. After watching this video I learned that the problem with GMO’s is not the health scare but has to do with economics and money.

Unknown-1The way that GMO’s work is by splicing a gene and then putting it into another organism, for and extreme example you could splice the gene of a fire fly and implant it in to the organism of a chile pepper, so that the chili pepper would light up whenever it needed water, now of coarse people tried this and it didn’t work, but it is just an example on how the whole process works. In my personal opinion I don’t see a problem with GMO’s. I understand why people don’t agree with them and they are trying to rally up against them, butall of the protest have pushed it a little bit too far. GMO’s were produced simply to help crop growers not go out of business. Before they could only sell the crops that prospered and did the best, they needed a better way to make money. They started using GMO’s so that all crops prospered and they could make more money, the only problem was that they didn’t have enough money to take care of all of the crops (water, nutrients, etc..) They were over grown and that is where GMO’s become a problem, but in my opinion in the begging GMO’s are not bad at all and are no where near a threat.  Now farmers are struggling to get by.

pharmcornGMO’s also effect people in some circumstances which is why I am some what against them, there was a case were they took a gene of a peanut and put it into another nut to modify it, the only problem with this was that now the new nut had traces of peanut in it, so anyone who had a peanut allergy also had a reaction to this nut, not as bad but still a reaction, luckily enough these nuts were never put onto shelves. GMO’s can be bad and they can be good, in my personal opinion GMO’s are fine to stay on the shelf, as long as when they are produced they are carefully looked through and examined to make sure they are safe before they are distributed to the public.

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Movie- Harvest of Fear


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