What is Wrong with Our Soil

After watching Symphony of the Soil, I realized how precious our soil is. The whole process begins in the far north and south, at the glaciers. This is where the majority of the minerals found in our soil come from, being ground off of rocks beneath the gigantic glaciers. They will flow down stream in water melted from the glaciers. The minerals are deposited in oceans and from there flow around the world. the minerals will mix with dead coral, to create the next factor of soil, decaying matter. This combination of minerals and decaying matter is washed to shore, and very shortly after the last factor is added, life. The biotic factor is one of the most important. It keeps the soil fresh, and able to support life.

Our soil is precious, because it is how we can to be as a species. Without soil, we would not be able to continue our way of life. The way we are living right now is not how we should be living. We should be taking stands to support our soil, instead we are draining our soil of everything that makes it so precious. We rake our leaves and add fertilizer to our starved ground. We take weeds out of our gardens, instead of letting nature add life to our gardens. We continually add  water to our leeching soil. If you take just one thing away from this film, let it be to experiment. Leave the leafs that fall on one half of your yard to decay. Let weeds grow, die, and decay in one row of your garden. If these simple experiments do not help the fertility and growth in your yard in a few growing seasons, go back to the way you tended your yard before(but I doubt you will)

File:AP Biology - Primary Succession Drawing.svg

Above: an example of time having an effect on soil


One thought on “What is Wrong with Our Soil

  1. Hunter – do you mean your title to be a question? If so make sure you include a question mark. Also go back and do a grammar and spell check. Remember that your opinion is more powerful and convincing when your audience is not drawn to mistakes that you have made. The ground up coral is not organic matter, but additional mineral deposits – CaCO3. I like your suggestion of experimenting! Dont forget the URL for the image. You should better connect your image to your text. Perhaps say something like; it takes thousands of years for soil to be created but only a few years to degrade it….

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