Dirt (It’s not as boring as it sounds).

By Matt Coriz

A cross section of layered soil

A cross section of layered soil

I was asked by my teacher to review a film we watched in class. It is an informational video about soil. Despite this films incredibly dumb title (Symphony of the Soil) and seemingly boring content (It’s about DIRT), it reveals a few interesting secrets about the brown matter that we step on every day. Seeing how you’re probably another mindless viewer who’d rather sit in his or her living room rewatching a season of the bachelor from 2012, you probably would never intentionally contribute to the earth’s health or prosperity. By insulting you, I’ve successfully obtained your attention. Listen closely. This film (Symphony of the Soil) destroys many myths about the subject matter it regards, for example the quality of the soil in rainforests. Many would assume that the soil of a rainforest is abundant in nutritional value, however the acidity of all the rain destroys most of the life and bacteria in the soil, robbing its nutrients. The film also described the kinds of soil around the world (Oxisol, Mollisol, Virtisol, etc). It made the viewer feel responsible for the earth’s reaction to human activity in a way that modern educators cannot successfully manifest. Much like the article I’m writing, it was not designed to shove massive chunks of dirt (haha get it?) down your throat, but to entertain and educate you.

Now you, the viewer, are probably thinking “What’s in it for me?” Well I’m glad you asked, handsome stranger. It is up to viewers like you and reviewers like me to spread the word about soil. Soil is a compilation of three components: decomposers, minerals, and dead matter. It is very much alive. Based off of where you live, you can improve the soil you live on and be responsible for many years worth of ecological prosperity. There will come a day when that worthless bag of flesh of yours is recycled back into it. The ground. Soil. Did I mention there are several kinds of soil? As a matter of fact, I did. Here they are: Histosol is often very acidic, so add some lime and plant your seeds. Oxisol is tropical soil, one of the most intricately layered. It can grow almost anything as long as it has an abundance of bacteria and worms. Virtisol is barely even soil, but instead clay, with a few nutrients insufficient for life support. If you have this in your lawn, you’ll be lucky to get a dying weed. Mollisol is the best soil in the world, and it happens to be in 22% of the United States of America. It’s more than just dirt. Soil is the only interface between the geological world to the biological world. It is a convection oven for all of life.


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