Farming From Other Parts Of The World

Farming from other parts of the world

When I first went into the Quivera Conference my first impression was a whole bunch of middle aged men wearing flannels, cowboy hates, and cowboy hats. I thought I was going to feel sort of out of place and awkward with all of the people there, but when I walked into the actual conference I actually found myself taking notes engaged. I thought that I wasn’t going to be experienced enough to understand the concepts that they were going to be talking about, but after I looked  back on it, I actually really enjoyed it.

The speakers kept me engaged, even though they were 1 hour each, it was kind of hard to pay attention to. I really enjoyed the 1st speech that was by Freddy. I enjoyed it a lot because I agreed with that he was talking about except for the point that he brought up about the “hunter and gatherer” was our “best” period, I very much disagreed with it because I believe in my opinion that the “hunter Gatherer” period was not our best period in history.

My favorite part of the Quivera conference was the lunch, that was because I really enjoyed meeting other people from other states that were interested in agriculture, there was one guy who was from California and he said that he really hated how people there didn’t even care about “real” organic products and how you can’t trust when companies say that they are “organic”. I really thought it was interesting and I thought it was really cool how into agriculture he was, since he was from California.


One thought on “Farming From Other Parts Of The World

  1. Carly your title should be ” Farming IN other Parts of the World”. Watch your spelling – ” cowboy hates”. I appreciate you telling your reader about your personal experience. However – as you can see from the rubric posted on canvas – your assignment was to provide detail about what you learned. You mention that the speaker said that the Hunter- Gatherer was the “best period” – but dont say why he said this or why you disagree. How does your title fit in with what you wrote about? Where is the required image? WHEre is the required link?

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