Fun Finds in “Edible” Magazine

In the latest edition of Edible Magazine, a magazine that features how food in New Mexico is being grown and produced, there is quite the interesting section on La Moñanita Co-op. Run by five women, La Moñanita gives the chance to all New Mexicans to have a much greater influence on what they are eating in a modern economy. Since since so much of our economy is based off of consumerism, this Co-op gives the opportunity to everyday shoppers to have a hand in what they are consuming. It only takes fifteen dollars to become an owner of the Co-op, and with so many members it represents the community taking control of what they are consuming. It distributes the wealth among those who rely most heavily on the products they are buying. Next, just as much as Whole Foods, it produces fresh organicly grown food for the community. Also, it focuses on producing healthy food. While the food in Whole Foods is delicious, it is not necessarily healthy (have you seen their dessert section?). La Moñanita offers a pro health solution to the sustainable shopper. So, while Whole Foods represents opening up environmentally friendly, healthy food to the public in a gradual manner, the Co-op is the next step up towards a sustainable and healthy way of shopping. 



Image: Fruits and Veggies Photography

Cooking with Kids is an organization that is mostly comprised of women and that focuses mainly on making sure that kids start out their lives eating right. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have a junk food addiction and like so many others, this is probably because of how I grew up. It is a lot easier to just throw a pre-packaged lunch into your bag than have your parents make something for you when. Unfortunately, this often leads to an unbalanced and over-processed diet. Cooking with Kids works to directly address this issue by exposing children to food they otherwise might not eat. It also teaches them the importance of learning to cook healthily. Exposing kids to healthy unprocessed foods at a younger age and in a way that encourages fun and excitement is perhaps just the way to get kids curious about what exactly they are eating.



4 thoughts on “Fun Finds in “Edible” Magazine

  1. The Co-op is such a great place but I didn’t realize how great it was until I read this article. I liked how you compared it to Whole Foods and hilighted their pros and cons. The transition from talking about the Co-op to talking about Cooking with Kids is slightly bizarre. I feel like there could be a transition paragraph to facilitate the change. Maybe instead of just talking about these two great organizations, tie them into your project in general. How did learning about them make you think about your project?
    “Cooking with Kids is an organization that is mostly comprised of women and that focuses mainly on making sure that kids start out their lives eating right”. This statement pulls me right in. You seem to mention women leaders a lot in this article, but I think that you could emphasize them more. Did you research these organizations because they are run by women? Maybe you should mention that?

  2. Hey Maggie, I read your post and I found the content informative as well as enjoyable. In the first part of your post you talk about the “La Moñanita Co-op”; do you mean the La Montanita Co-op? I think it was wise to place the picture between your two different subjects: the co-op and Cooking with Kids. On the subject of the co-op, I think that it was a good choice to include that it is managed by five women, as it gives the reader an idea of who the managers are and lends the co-op a personality. I especially like how you stressed the fact that Whole Foods is not the highest quality food supplier, that the La Montanita Co-op has a higher percentage of locally and sustainably produced products. Many people think that Whole Foods sells nothing but good, locally and sustainably grown food while, in reality, they are merely a massive chain that sells some good quality, sustainably produced food products. I would be curious to learn when Cooking with Kids was started as well as who runs it now. Great job!

  3. I appreciate your comment and the rather quick transition between topics. The issue of the magazine focused mainly on local women in the food industry who were trying to make a difference in terms of sustainability and health. Thus, both The Cooking With Kids organization and the Co-op are run by women. I’m am fairly certain the the Co-op is indeed La Monañita. Indeed, both of these organizations made me think about my own project as a young farmer. The Co-op was inspirational because the idea of selling locally grown, healthy food is something I think we wish to incorporate into the Desert Oasis Garden, and really gave me inspiration when planning the beds. Finally, Cooking with Kids is still being run by the same group of mostly women. Here is the link in case you are curious about the organization.

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