Female Farmer Spotlight

In the most recent issue of Edible, New Mexico’s local food magazine, there is a three-page spread highlighting women within our state’s agricultural scene.

As a student farmer of the Desert Oasis Teaching Garden, I thought it would be beneficial to skim the biographies of each grower. Mona Angel was one of these growers, and had a particularly interesting story.

Angel studied at the University of New Mexico, and worked as the coordinator of the Lobo Gardens (located on the campus). She established the Extreme Local Program, allowing the University’s dining hall to serve produce harvested from the Lobo gardens. The ongoing program currently owns four community garden plots, and provides work positions in the area of garden maintenance.

lobo gardens

image: A glimpse of what the Lobo Gardens look like.

Outside of the University, Angel is a farmer for the King Orchard (located in Los Ranchos de Albuquerque), and teaches permaculture classes at the Albuquerque Open Space Visitor Center. In the future, Angel and her fellow permaculturists plan on creating a two-acre “food-forest”, which will consist of fruit trees, shrubs, and lower-growing edible perennials/annuals. The location of the “food-forest” is to be determined.

In 2012, Angel established the Fairfield Growers’ Cooperative with other farmers within the Albuquerque, Los Lunas, and Bosque Farm communities. Together, the farmers help one another with agricultural projects, share helpful advice/information, and collectively purchase seeds and supplies.

Clearly, Mona Angel is an active participant in New Mexico’s agricultural scene. Her passion for farming has allowed her to create successful agricultural organizations. Angel has inspired me to become a skilled farmer, and to immerse myself into the local agricultural community.



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