The Future Of Food

Students will be writing about their experience at Whole Foods and also about the new National Geographic portal on The Future of Food.

Whole Foods Rocks

Whole Foods Rocks

As part of our year end celebration, Bio E students and I walked over to Whole Foods to learn about the company’s efforts to supply sustainably produced goods to their customers.  Nicholas Martinez, WF’s marketing manager provided us with exceptional information, as well as treated us like royalty.

Rainforest Alliance certified!

Rainforest Alliance certified!

Nick believes that the young are our hope for a sustainable future – he sees the young as change agents, who are open and willing to step outside the “box” store to restore health to ourselves and our planet. Nick wants to the students to know that healthy. local and organic food should not be just for the rich, that WF’s tries to source products that sustain community, ecology and economy.

Whole Foods Supports Fair Trade and bans GMO's

Whole Foods Supports Fair Trade and bans GMO’s

Monterey Bay Aquarium monitors WF’s sustainable fishery practices. WF’s has an Andi-Score to help customers understand the nutritional content of food.  Whole Trade products help teach farmers how to grow more sustainably. WF’s has Animal Compassion Standards labelled on all of their meat products.

Happy Chickens

Happy Chickens

Our tour ended with complimentary pizza and a gift card to spend in the store!  We will use the card to buy treats for the end of the year exam!

Thanks Nick and Whole Foods!


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