Why We Need to Understand Climate Change



Assignment Intention: Due to increasing anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gases, accelerating rates of deforestation and industrial methods of agriculture, the average global temperature rise since 1880 is 1.53 degrees Celsius, (IPCC 2013) https://www2.ucar.edu/climate/faq/how-much-has-global-temperature-risen-last-100-years.  Impacts of this climate change are being felt all over the globe.  Here in New Mexico, we are experiencing increases in the frequency and intensity of fire, extended drought, increasing temperatures and evapotranspiration rates, pest infestations, decreased crop production, increases in flood events, shifting ecosystem boundaries, desertification of grasslands, decreasing species diversity, decreasing snow pack, and lowering water tables and river volumes.  As residents of a desert ecosystem, we will need to understand how all of these changes will affect how we will continue grow food to feed ourselves.  The new Desert Oasis Teaching garden intends to provide tools and knowledge to our community to address these coming changes.

Assignment Criteria:

1. You will be assigned one of the following topics to research and report on. You will address how climate change is impacting the Southwest specifically addressing,

  • Fire
  • Pest Infestations
  • Crop Production
  • Flooding
  • Ecosystem Shifts
  • Desertification
  • Species Diversity
  • Snow pack
  • Ground water levels
  • Surface Water
  • Government and industry responses

2. As you begin your research, develop 1 to 3 “essential Questions” to help you frame the report that you will write on your topic.  These questions can be broad or narrow but should help you stay focused and organized.

3. You must include current data, insert at least 2 interesting links, use trusted sources cited at the bottom of the post, and use copy-right free images,

4. You should follow the guidelines that we discussed in class for creating effective blog posts; informational, visual, text broken up in chunks, semi-professional, technical vocabulary defined for the lay reader, well-organized and captivating to keep your audience reading.

4. You must include your first name only at the end of the post.


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